About Forex Partnership Programs

Wmax offers a variety of partnership programs to suit every taste and budget.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, an asset manager or a private investor, a blogger or a web-site owner, an individual or a corporation, a financial institution or a bank – there is a partnership plan that suits your requirements and meets your goals. With our flexible partner’s remuneration and commission multipliers you can generate recurring revenue by encouraging other traders to use Wmax. Your income as a partner depends on the number of referred clients and the volume of their trades.

Wmax Partnership

We cater to Offline and Online Affiliates paying top commissions for referred clients to WMAX. With the best commission structure and tailor-made products, we can help you achieve your revenue expectations. This program does not require first class knowledge in programming or administration and your clients can always get updated and reliable information from the company’s web page.

How to become a Wmax Partner?

To become a WMAX Partner you will have to click on ‘Become a Partner’ and fill out the online application. Then your application will be reviewed by a WMAX  IB specialist. We will then contact you in order to discuss your individual circumstances and the partnership opportunities available.


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