Introducing Brokers Program


WMAX Technologies’ introducing brokers program is designed for introducing brokers, CTA’s, CPO’s, financial brokers and all referring agents. It offers them the opportunity to expand the number of products they cover to their existing and potential client base by providing them the capability to gain access to the

world foreign exchange, commodities and energy markets.


As an introducing broker for Wmax, your clients will benefit from Wmax reputation and security offered by a financial institution with over 40 years if experience in trading financial markets. Key benefits to Wmax  introducing brokers include:

  •     Offer an online trading solution in the FX and commodities markets with a trusted partner
  •     Access to seasoned specialists to guide your clients during the daily trading
  •     Access to successful trading strategies
  •     Ability to track client’s trading and commissions/rebates earned by the IB in real-time
  •     Highly competitive rebate structure 


Introducing Brokers – WMAX Co.