Market Experts

Wmax offers its clients over 40 years of combined market experience.
Our extensive experience in trading various financial markets is available a your reach through our various recommendation platforms.

Wmax Signals
Follow our experts trading live 24hrs a day, 5 days a week.
Direct Plus is availabe for free for all Wmax live clients.
Try Wmax Signals for Free for 1 week.

Wmax VIP
Receive daily VIP recommendations on your Mobile from Wmax SMS
Wmax VIP is free of charge of all Live accounts with a minimum equity of 10,000 USD.
Wmax VIP is available for a minimum charge of 1$ commission per 1 mini lot to all live clients with equity less then 10,000 USD

WMAX Trend
A phenomenal Signals software with accuracy exceeding 90% on many trade signals.
Wmax Trend is sold for 5,000 USD.


Market Experts – WMAX Co.