About US

WMAX .com  founded  in  2015, we have thousands of trusted customers and partners that exchange bitcoin from all over the world.Team of financial analytics, IT developers created this idea for one main goal that buying, selling, holding and exchanging cryptocurrencies should be simply and easily practiced worldwide. 
WMAX .com is the best solution for you to make exchange by the wire options through the bank, which is the most convenient for you to use, where it gives you  the smallest charge rates, fees, etc.
Fast transactions
More than 600 banks solutions all over the world
Low fee
WMAX – is new possibilities in cryptocurrency world
Why WMAX ?
Uniqueness of our crypto exchange website of buying/selling  BTC on the current  currency rate which your bank is offering in which you can be oriented in exact price for now.
WMAX counts as the best website for exchanging cryptocurrency, due to the low prices, quick services, low charges, and high security standards.
How it works?
We are directly working with more than 600 banks in all over the world, therefore it’s easily to find the bank that suits your requirements the most. Eventually the system introduced reduces the customer’s waiting time for  making international transfers, you can make a transaction and receive BTC today!
Step by Step Guide to Exchange with WMAX
Buy Bitcoin
Step 1: Choose your bank location;
Step 2: Choose the bank that you already have an account in and the currency rate is the most suitable for you. Then click on the bitcoin icon;
Step 3 : Insert the amount in your local currency, and the sum is automatically calculated in Bitcoins;
Step 4: Enter your email and your Bitcoin wallet address (If you don’t have Bitcoin wallet create);
Step 5: A page with the payment details will be opened, where the bank account number is indicated.Transfer the amount needed to the bank account.
Payment confirmation takes up to 30 minutes, after the transaction is successful; you immediately get Bitcoins transferred into your wallet.
Sell Bitcoin
Step 1: Choose your bank location;
Step 2: Click on the icon with a Bitcoin sign, and then choose the bank in which the amount should be received;
Step 3: Insert the amount that is needed to be exchanged in Bitcoins;
Step 4: Enter your email, bank account number and your full name;
Step 5: A page with the payment details with the address of the recipient’s bitcoin wallet will be opened.
Payment confirmation takes up to 30 minutes, after the transaction is successful; you immediately get the amount transferred into your bank account.
In the "Wallets" section you can create your Bitcoin wallet.
With WMAX it’s easy to do!
In the "Wallets" section you can create your Bitcoin wallet. For registering your personal Bitcoin wallet you need to enter your email address and create your password. In the “Security” section you can generate your secret PIN code and change the password. You can create new addresses, store, buy, list and receive bitcoins absolutely with no commission by using your virtual wallet.
In the "Investors" section you have the opportunity to receive a profit from placement of funds you have made. To start your investing you just need to login. In the “New Investment” section you can choose the plan you are interested in and deposit the appropriate amount.
WMAX Company has been working since 2015; we are trusted by thousands of investors from all over the world. Stay safe in making your investments with WMAX!
Do you want to earn money and do not invest your own?
 Do you want to receive % from each transaction, simply by giving us an account in the bank of your country? Do you want to increase turnover, and receive from 5 to 10% of the contribution every month?
Section "Partnership". We can give you the opportunity to work with us (as a partner) by giving us the your bank details!
In order to start cooperating with us you must be registered and verified. You will be able to view the statistics (history) of your transactions, leave the insured amount to become our regular partner and controlling interest payments .
If you have any questions related to the partnership – Contact us, and the representative of Commercial Department will review your message as soon as possible.

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